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Brain cancer is an incredibly rare yet deadly disease that profoundly affects individuals' ability to learn, concentrate, and make decisions. Among others like age, family history, and exposure to radiation, socioeconomic status is a risk factor for diagnosis and survivorship.


In the United States, the presence of private healthcare creates significant financial barriers to care, particularly for those with lower income, unemployment, and lack of health insurance.

We try to combat these barriers by raising awareness and providing accessible resources and data in a digestible manner. Furthermore, we aim to critically examine the economic structure of healthcare and its impact on health outcomes, with a specific focus on brain cancer. 

Brain Cancer Statistics

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Average cost of brain tumor treatment 



of brain tumor patients are unable to return to work 1-year post surgery


of cancer patients reported medical debt

The United States makes up


of worldwide brain cancer deaths

Learn about brain cancer, the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more.

Read the current research on socioeconomic status and brain cancer in the US and around the world

Look through different resources for financial assistance, support, additional educational material, and more

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