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Financial Assistance

The American Brain Tumor Association has curated this amazing collection of financial resources for patients with brain tumors. The list covers everything from volunteer house cleaners and travel to grants and medication co-pays. Follow the link to learn more!


Help Hope Live raises money to help people pay for medical bills, living assistance, home modifications, and more! They have had a significant impact and raised $7.8 million this past year. Follow the link to learn more. 

Patient and Family Support

The Brain Tumor Charity collects funding for researchers, organizes volunteer opportunities, and offers support resources available to anyone. Their resources range from virtual groups and counselling services to podcasts and information packs. Follow the link to learn more. 


The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is an amazing resource for families of brain cancer patients. It include family mentoring programs, a subscription for updates about new clinical trials, virtual bereavement groups, and more. There is also an option for every resource mentioned above to be in Spanish. Follow the link to learn more. 

Educational Materials

The National Cancer Institute has a great page on recent advancements in brain and spinal cord research. It includes current treatments, new diagnostic tests, and how they are improving quality of life in brain cancer patients. Follow the link to learn more. 


Cancer Research Institute has this very informative page on immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is an recent and innovative method of treatment. To learn more about immunotherapy, follow the link below.


Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a crucial method of finding advanced care that may not be available to the public. The Brain Tumor Foundation has a detailed page on clinical trials and includes some resources for accessing clinical trials. Follow the link to learn more. 


The National Brain Tumor Society has a great page on the difficulties of finding and enrolling in clinical trials as well as a clinical trial finder. Clinical trials rely on patient recruitment to function and this website explains the benefits to participating in clinical trials. Follow the link to learn more. 

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