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About The Founder

My name is Pearl and I am a high school senior from New York City. During my freshman year, I had plenty of spare time due to the COVID lockdown. Making the most of this free time, I took to reading books on neuroscience encompassing diagnostic neuroradiology to the basics of neurosurgery.


Later that year, I started working with a Ph.D. student to create a digital model that can predict brain cancer growth. At school, I took a genetics of cancer class and am taking a neurobiology class this upcoming year. 

I explored my interest in healthcare by volunteering at remote clinics in Ecuador and Costa Rica and later wrote a paper comparing the Ecuadorian and US healthcare systems. Experiencing other medical systems has led me to look into the financial side of US healthcare. I found that the US has the most expensive healthcare in the world yet is 11th worldwide for quality of care. I plan to combine my diverse interests by thoroughly studying the connection between the financial aspects of the American healthcare system and brain cancer. 

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